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The Geostokos Toolkit is a software application for the analysis of sample data which is located in two or three dimensional space.

The Toolkit software is a Windows interface to a set of computer routines which allows you to carry out statistical and geostatistical analysis of sample data. These routines have been developed over a period of over 40 years by Isobel Clark, with more recent assistance from Bill Harper.

This development is closely linked with Geostokos’ experience in geological, mining and other applications. Because of this, the Toolkit is not a ‘static’ product but expands as new proven methods become available or as different projects require new approaches to specific problems. For example, in 2009, we added routines for the direct simulation of mining blocks for the assessment of risks in mine planning.

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The Geostokos Toolkit includes routines for the statistical and geostatistical analysis of spatial data. The analyses include:

      statistical routines such as scattergrams, distribution fitting, grade/tonnage calculations;

      traditional data display routines such as post plotting, inverse distance estimation and trend surfaces;

      calculation and modelling of semi-variograms and cross validation techniques;

      kriging of points, panels and polygonal areas in 2 dimensions, point and block kriging in 3.

Kriging routines include ordinary, universal, indicator and lognormal techniques. Rank (uniform) transforms are also included. Sequential gaussian simulation and principal components analysis are included. Cross semi-variograms are provided for co-located and non-co-located data. Co-kriging routines are (currently) available as add-ons.


Full Cost for Geostokos Toolkit with support: £9,900 {US$ 14,000}
Educational Toolkit

Educational discount: full teaching and research use (unlimited copies) for 50% of one single copy price. Includes maintenance, bug fixes and advice by email, fax or telephone in perpetuity.